Psychotherapy & mind

Mental illness is the expression of conflictuous inner proceedings. The mind cannot compensate it. These people need help. The current topic will be discussed in a sheltered environment and it will be explained how conflicts can be reduced and tensions can be gradually dissolved. The psychological strain will so be minimised drastically.
My method of treatment relies on a humanistic understanding of people. The Gestalt therapy is used for short-term coping with wearing phases of life as well as for longer treatments of mental diseases. This method that results from the analytic psychology deals strongly with the here and now.

Depending on your personal needs the joint work will be done in coachings or a psychotherapy (due to length and frequency).

Treatment spectrum

Eating disorder
Addiction (alcohol and drugs)
Emotional addictions (work, relationship, sport, games, internet)
Co-dependency (the system around the addict becomes ill)
Relationship conflict
Grave overload and permanent inner exertion (for example due to burnout, mobbing or multiple overload)
Psychosomatic diseases (physical ailments with mental reasons)
Personality disorders


Individual therapy
Family therapy
Group therapy
Couple therapy
Annual group
Telephone counselling
Weekend events

Target groups

Young adults (18 – 29 years old)
Older people