Coaching & economy

There are times and phases where someone can lose track of the own strengths and key skills. Crises and challenges cannot be managed in the usual time frame – a new orientation is necessary. A coaching process can help in such a situation.
Coaching is a structured and temporary supervision during which my clients and I deal with concrete questions, barriers and problems. Many things seem suddenly again clearer and conflict times can be endured easier.

This will mainly be done in individual settings or group settings in the company/office. A procedure respectively a solution strategy for the current situation will be jointly developed. The emphasis lies on self-reflection and on the stabilization of the own competence as well as on the stabilization of the own self-confidence.

A professional coaching accomplishes clarity in the working area as well as in the private one and equilibrates a lot.

Offers for companies and managers

As manager of the institute “Psyche und Wirtschaft” at the Sigmund Freud Private University I deal explicitly with the special mental requirements of the economy and its protagonists.

Management workshop: “Psychosocial competence in the economy”

Contents: employee protection law / employee survey / mental burdens / coping strategies / communication strategies / healthy leadership / addiction at the working place and so on.
Length: 7 modules, whereas 3 can be booked individually, 2 terms, extra-occupational.

Communication and personality training for assistants

This workshop conveys the possible applications of various communication techniques on the working as well as on the individual level.

Personality development

In workshops or also in individual settings the topic biography work and the effects on my working relationships or in the global scheme of things also my working life shall be treated and, if necessary, changes shall be found.

Coaching for managers – from the person to the personality

Set-actual analysis, acquirement of management techniques, prevention of burnout, awareness of others and oneself. Depending on the need, work will be done in individual or group settings – in the office or extern.

Organisation development or counselling, definition of assignment in preliminary talks with the managers

Stipulation of counselling aims, coaching of the internal project management, process evaluation.

Lectures on these topics

Health prevention in companies (if desired also together with a medical doctor), because 90 % of all physical diseases have a mental source; gastro intestinal diseases from stress and backaches that don’t result from sitting permanently.

Handling of stress in our daily routine: an absolute practical workshop!

How do I implement this change processes in my daily life and where are my obstacles? Workshops or counselling on change management, team building, conflict management or mediation can be offered anytime.