Exercise & Psyche: Talk & Walk

„Move your body and your mind will follow“.

Through exercise not only the cardiovascular system gathers momentum but also your psyche. You don’t need athletic peak performances. Regular walks are sufficient to produce intensely different hormones – for example endorphin or the peptide ANP (a body’s own tool to constrain fear) – as well as to reduce the release of stress hormones. In this way the psyche will be strengthened and crisis can be dealt with and managed easier.
Exercise helps with depression, burnout and addictions of all kinds. My yearlong experience shows that the combination of exercise and psychotherapy is positive for the health. Therefore I compile individual exercise programs and relax programs. These can help to develop better coping strategies for difficult life-tasks. At the end of the coaching my clients shall be able to manage themselves better and self-determined while coaching themselves and shall treat their body and mind attentively.